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Teen Advocates Sharing Knowledge


The YWCA TASK program is a peer leadership project

providing opportunities for girls to become leaders in their community.

For teenage women and girls in grades 9-12.

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What about Her?

Our most recent project.

With funding provided through a grant from the Great Boston Council on Alcoholism, our TASK participants speak with women in addition recovery, and give them a greater platform to teach about what it means to be in recovery

Faces of Recovery

This project began with funding by a grant from the Greater Boston Council on Alcoholism.

TASK Advisor/Malden is Moving! Coordinator Chris Murphy, and Paul Hammersley (Malden Overcoming Addiction) worked collaboratively in designing this project.

Their goal was to raise awareness of substance use disorders.

Project Reception

In November the TASK girls presented The Faces of Recovery to the greater Malden Community. The event was attended by the Mayor of Malden, Gary Christenson, as well as members of the School Comittee, and a Massachusetts state representative. All of whom got to see the impact of the project and just how important it is to create more awareness of substance abuse recovery and what resources there are out there for teens.

Faces of Recovery School Committee presentation.jpg

Presenting to the School Committee

On Monday, January 9th, the TASK girls presented Faces of Recovery to the Malden School Committee to further the cause. 

You'll find their Power Point presentation of the project below.

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